Fall 2016 Registration

Our Early Registration discounted fees are $145 through Tuesday, April 26th. 

Fees will go up to $180 on April 27, 2015.  Only players who register by April 26th are guaranteed a spot on a team.

To register, visit our home page at www.ayso108.org and click the link to fill out your online registration form on the eAYSO site.  Print one copy of the online form.  Very important: bring that form with you to one of our three registration events.

For anyone without internet access or who forgot to pre-complete their forms, there will be computers available at the registration events to login and complete and print the forms, but we will set the expectation now that you will be in and out a lot quicker by coming prepared with your pre-completed forms in hand.

Our Early Registration events (best pricing) are:

   Saturday April 16 9am - 3pm

   Saturday April 23 9am - 3pm

   Tuesday April 26th 6pm - 9pm

Location: Belmont Sports Complex

  Registration Overview

  Our Early Registration for each fall season traditionally begins with registration events held in spring.

 After our registration events are completed, if we have enough volunteer coaches and referees for your child's division, we will accept registrations into the summer and otherwise will establish a waiting list. Registering after the in-person registration events will not be entitled to the early registration discount and can result in being placed on a wait listing and/or no space being available. Registration after our three registration events is on a case by case basis subject to approval by the division commissioners to round out team and player counts.

What Division Will My Child Be In?

Click here to see the age brackets for each division.

Registration Process

To register, CLICK HERE to navigate to our online eAYSO registration system and fill out the online registration form.  If you have not previously registered using eAYSO (or if you have forgotten your userid) the site will prompt you to create a new userid and password. Once you are logged in just follow the onscreen instructions. Note:  we are region 108. 

If you have previously registered at eAYSO, please be sure to update all your information as required.  It is especially important that you provide your current email address on the registration form as email is our primary method of communicating with players and their families. Your email address will not be sold or used by AYSO for non-soccer related purposes. 

Please remember that AYSO soccer is an all-volunteer operation.  You will have the option to choose which role you would like to volunteer for at registration.  Please consider this in advance…options include:

  • Coach/Asst Coach
  • Referee/Asst Referee
  • Board Members
  • Administrative support for the board
  • Field Maintenance
  • Sponsor (League and/or Team)

While we will try to be as flexible as possible to assist with practice days, AYSO Belmont-Redwood Shores would like to remind you that first and foremost our league is for the kids and part of a good experience is having balanced teams.  In order to balance teams, we reserve the right to accept no requests for specific teams/practice days. 

Print 1 Copy of the Electronically-signed Forms.

We require 1 original signed copy of the registration/medical release form. Once you have completed all the steps, print 1 copies of the registration form.

Proof of Age

If you played in our region last year you do not need to provide a copy of a birth certificate.  If this is your first time playing, however, or you have been away form our league for more than a year, you must also include a copy of each child’s birth certificate.


Registration fees are $145 per child for the 2016 Fall Season.  

*Note: There is a cumulative $5 discount off the registration fee for siblings once you have paid the full registration fee for one child. For example, if you are registering 3 children, your discount would be $10.

There are two ways to pay:

  1. Check/cash/credit card during the three registration events. Please make checks payable to Belmont Redwood Shores AYSO.
  2. Credit Card after Early Registration ends. The fees go up to $180 per child. You can pay online during the EAYSO registration process.

How to get us your forms

To ensure your child's chance to be placed on a team, it is highly recommended that you bring your forms to one of our three registration events as referenced above. 

If we have space available after the registration events, on a case-by-case basis we will accept online registrations.