All coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) are required to be certified to coach their age group (or higher) and complete a Volunteer Form each year. 

  • All coaches must complete two online trainings at 1.) AYSO Safe Haven training, and 2.) Concussion Awareness training.  In order to receive credit for attending these online trainings, you will need to know your AYSO id number (log in to to find out your AYSO id number...NOTE that you must have already completed a Volunteer Form for the applicable season in order for your AYSO id number to register with the online training classes).  Once your have completed each of the courses and taken/passed the test, please save and/or print the completion certificate.  Your completion of the course will automatically update your records in our system, but the saved/printed course certificate will be your backup "just in case". 

  • In addition to the two required online trainings, each coach must be age-appropriate certified which is an in-person training class.  AYSO Belmont-Redwood Shores (Region 108) conducts in-person coach trainings for U6, U8, U10, and U12 coaches.  These trainings typically take place in August before our fall season begins.  For our older age group coaches, our region combines with other local regions via Golden Gate Camp in July or local trainings in August for Intermediate (U14) and Advanced (U16 and U19) certification.