Coach FAQ

  • I'm interested in coaching and/or I have questions about coaching or the coaching program. Whom can I contact?

    The Regional Coach Administrator for AYSO Region 108 Belmont-Redwood Shores is Daren Stewart. You can reach him via email at . We welcome any and all inquiries about coaching in our region, so please do not hesitate to contact our Coach Administrator! Back to Top
  • Can I coach in AYSO if I've never coached soccer before? What if I've never played?

    Yes! No playing experience necessary. We will train you, and we will provide you the resources you need. Please see our Coaches Resources for a coach's quick start guide along with current information on training and certification opportunities. For coach resources, please see next question. Back to Top
  • Can you recommend some websites for me to learn more about coaching youth soccer?

    Please check out our Coaching Resources page for some great materials and practice games / drills.
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  • How much training is involved?

    For the lower divisions, U6-U12, total training time runs 3-5 hours. That's all AYSO requirest in order for you to obtain your basic coach certification.
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  • Who oversees the Coaching Program?

    The coaching program is delegated by the Regional Commissioner to the Regional Coach Administrator and the Regional Coach Trainer, who oversee all facets of our coaching program. \Aiding the Regional Coach Administrator is the Coach Advisory Board, which is made up of volunteer coaches, some with many years of experience, and some who are new coaches, advise and assist the Regional Coach Administrator. If you are interested in joining the Coach Advisory Board, please contact the . Lastly, each age division has a Division Coordinator who assigns coaches to teams, assigns players to teams and handles all division administrative matters. Back to Top
  • Where and how can I obtain coaching equipment?

    AYSO will provide each coach with some basic equipment every year: a gear bag that includes some cones, soccer balls, and some first aid supplies. Many coaches choose to augment these basics with their own equipment. You can obtain equipment at the AYSO Store which carries everything you could possibly need. In addition, Kickers Soccer Shop in Belmont carries a lot of great coaching equipment. Finally, most national sports retailers carry a lot of soccer equipment. Back to Top
  • I'm a coach, and I'm interested in getting more involved with coaching at the regional level. What can I do?

    No matter what your experience level is, you might be a good candidate for the Coach Advisory Board, which assists and advises the Regional Coach Administrator. If you are an experience coach, and you either have your U12 Coach Certificate or are willing to obtain it, then you might be a good candidate to become a Coach Instructor. Coach Instructors are experienced coaches who are authorized to conduct Coach certification courses. Back to Top