U12 Guidelines:

Ball Size 4


  • Number: Nine per team on field; one of which is a goalkeeper.
  • Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime and for injuries.
  • Playing time: Desire is a minimum of three quarters of play per kid if numbers allow...minimum of two periods per game.  No player shall play four quarters until everyone has played three.
  • Teams: Separate girls and boys teams should be promoted at all levels of play. 

Players’ Equipment

  • Footwear: Soft-cleated soccer shoes or tennis shoes.
  • Shinguards: MANDATORY for both practices and games, and must be covered entirely by socks.
  • Referee The referee must be a certified regional referee or above. 

Duration of Game

  • Four 15-minute periods.
  • Halftime break of 5–10 minutes. 

No other changes from play as specified in FIFA Laws of the Game Printed for the American Youth Soccer Organization.